Welcome Gentlemen to the page of lovely ladies that sure know how to catch fish.

Everyone of these women caught their fish.  None were told to pose and look pretty for the picture like on some magazines.  That is what makes this page so special.  The women on this page worked hard for the beautiful fish they hold.  On my web site we have no fakes.  What would be the point?

What am I saying?  I'm saying that your dream women are out there men.  You just have to look really hard for them.  They might not be fantastic fisherwomen right off the bat but if you find a girl that loves the outdoors it shouldn't be too difficult to convert her to the Goddess's ways.

If you know of any women that can compare to these prizes please feel free to send me a picture of them at  It's nice to see women that catch fish.  We need more of them to show you men a thing or two.

So Let me introduce to you gentlemen, my page of lovely ladies that catch fish. Unfortunately, these women aren't as crazed as I am for catching steelhead, and if they were, I would have some serious competition. Enjoy their beauty....
Here is the lovely Joyce, she is holding a nice Kispiox Steelhead.  It takes a lot of character to go follow a passionate steelhead all over Northern BC, don't ya know?
Here we have fly fishing gal, Nicole from our very own BCAdventures holding a beautiful specimen of a fly caught steelhead.  Way to go Nicole!  Please note she knows how to hold a fish...
Now this is a blonde bombshell with a 20 year old muskie.

Isn't it nice to see a gal all natural?  Better than that Women in Waders Calendar.   I'm thinking my sister could find way better models with way better bodies and not as much make up, and give it some serious competition.  Especially with me helping out.  Don't ya think?

A natural tan is way better than pancake make up anyday.
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A lovely blonde with a taste for kings...
She's hooked & caught herself the finest King of them all.
The "King" of the Peninsula Guides or "King" of all the rowers, Mansfield himself.
AMY'S A BEAUTY: And so is this buck she caught. Sorry fellows, another gal taken by one of the Peninsula's Top Guides... If Guy Ruble catches ya eying her... I don't know what to tell ya...
Now do you see what I mean.  Look at them guns.  60 pound king BTW...
Only this chrome beauty can match this Canadian Lady.  Yes, boys that's a BCAdventure Patch she's a wearing...
I'd like to introduce my beautiful little sister. She doesn't fish but we threw her in here because she's nice to look at. Sorry fellows, the only fish my sis goes near are ones cooked in Fine Dining Establishments...
We titled this picture as "BEAUTY AND THE BEAST"
She's going to grow up and be a lovely angler.  She already suffers from the big fish curse...
Fisherman Mark's old girlfriend.  Is that fish bigger than her?  She's what Dave Matthews would consider tiny...
Okay, some viewers thought I looked all glowy and lovely while pregnant.  Here I am at exactly 8 months pregnant.  I also rowed that day. 
Here's the photogenic Brenda again.

Will someone with lots of money that owns a fishing lodge in Canada marry my sister so I can come visit?

Brenda is trying to break into photography and will soon be traveling to Europe for a few months.

Wish her luck boyz...
Here's Kathy and her beau the famous Tom Lines, who I had a falling out with because of his gossiping whore disease problem.  I miss them and I hope they're still together.  That girl was a great catch and great with a bait casting reel though I think she could of held the fish by herself since she caught the damn thing.
How big is this Sauk monster?  I would of put it on top but Joyce may kill me since the hat is all messed up.  It was being blown off by the wind.  Miserable day but what a beginning to it!
Are these girls having way too much fun?  Of course they are!
"Polygamy is one wife too many, Monogamy is still one wife too many..."
by Leonard