Fishing for salmon and trophy steelhead in the Seattle Metro Area and the Olympic Peninsula.
Fly Fishing or Gear! 
8 hours of fishing for one $250
8 hours of fishing for two $300

Half Day Rate:
4 hours of fishing for one $150
4 hours of fishing for two $200
Fine Print:
$100.00 Deposit must be paid in advance and non-refundable if canceled within two weeks.  Kid Discounts.

Hello, if you haven't notice I'm Angie and this is my guide page.  I have been fishing in the Northwest since I was a little girl .  Fishing, hunting and the outdoors is my passion and I'd like to share that with you.

I am a unique guide due to the fact that I am one of the few women that rows a drift boat down some of the toughest rivers in the world.  I feel that fishing is best done from a drift boat.  It is more scenic, more one on one and more effective.

What makes me a great guide?  I only take you when the fishing is hot.  I don't have to support a family or make my boat payment, so I only go when fishing is at its best!!
Some of my best fishing is done on the scenic Hoh River.  Where I practice both catch and release or catch and kill.  Depending on your preference.

1.  First of all I'm an experienced fisherman.  I have conquered all aspects of fishing, from plug pulling, drift fishing to fly fishing and spey fishing.  I have developed working flies that can't be beat for each river I fish in the Northwest.

2.  I'm fun!  You'll have fun! 

3.  Not only will you have fun but you will learn something about the fish you are catching and I will EDUCATE you.  Most guides are afraid to show you how to fish in fear of losing clients.  That's antiquated thinking.  I want you to know how you caught that fish and I want you to feel like you've earned it.

4.  Face it I'm cute, but don't let that fool ya.  I can row down stuff most men are afraid of, easily.  Who wants to look at a smelly ol' redneck anyways when you can fish with me!
Areas I guide:  Seattle Metro Area & the Olympic Peninsula

Rivers I guide on:

Oly Pen:
Sol Duc
Hatchery limits in three hours on the Snoqualmie!
The Sauk & Skagit have some of the biggest steelhead in all of the Pacific Northwest.  How do I know that? Because I catch them.  Usually in March and the beginning of April it's not unusual to hook into 20 plus pounders.  The only problem is, it is up to you to land them!
The Skagit in November is the bomb for salmon.  Come fish with me and we'll not only get you into 40 plus pound salmon but limit after limit of coho-ho-ho...
Want me to teach your wife or girlfriend to fish?  Please trust in me that I can do better than you.  Why?  Because I speak the language and with the female gender you must be very very specific.
So come fish with me, Angela Sorenson.  You'll have a blast and it will be an experience of a life time!

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If it takes me awhile to get back to you it is because I'm fishing, camping or hunting.  Yes, I'm out in the field all of the time folks!
"Well behaved women never made a mark in history."
by T.S. Hughes