Here's PA Catch & Releaser...
He is one of my biggest supporters and has a message for the gay boys at

"You guys are all a bunch of pussies...  Go kill yourselves"
It has come to my attention over the last year and a half after having my web site is that some people think the following:

I知 a nasty person
I知 a mean person
I知 too obscene, offensive, vulgar and disruptive
I hurt other people痴 feelings
My views are not politically correct
People just don稚 like me
No one agrees with me and I知 a nutcase
I知 hot but hey she痴 gotta be a slut to fish with all those men

Though some of these things are true,  I知 hot, obscene, vulgar, offensive and unpolitcally correct.  The rest just aren稚.  I hate to tell the outdoor world this but people just love my site.  People think my site is the bomb.  People agree with me 100%.  People are sick of the bullshit just like I am and most importantly some women go through the same shit I have.

So for all of you out there that think 的知 just a car wreck and everyone has to stop and stare.  Sorry, to inform you.  I知 loved, respected and most importantly.

Most of the true sportsmen agree with me.

As for all of you pansy ass gay outdoor writers and web owners.  Your time is almost up because my kind will someday reign supreme over the internet and we値l run your gay sell out asses off the net and most importantly out of OUR WOODS AND STREAMS.

For those of you sick of the bullshit and those that are ruining our enjoyment of the outdoors unite!  Let us run these pansies out of town.  They池e just going to make things even gayer for us.  Next thing you know not only will we have to wear hunters orange so these gay bobs won稚 shoot us because they are too stupid to look before they shoot but we won稚 be allowed to drink beer out of a drift boat, fish bait anywhere and most importantly...

We will become like Canada and it will be almost impossible to buy a shotgun or a rifle and they will take our handguns from us because of the dumb shits we allow in our beloved sport.

So unite my brethren and do something about it.  I知 just one person you know.  I can稚 do it all...

Here痴 what some of my fans have written me.  As I go through my 500 emails that I have never answered I have found these and continuously get more.  Please enjoy...
(Laughing as I write) I'm glad you responded to him and made the statements about hunting deer ranches. This has become nothing more than than an opportuntiy for the greedy sons a bitches who could actually give a fuck less about the ethics involved in the sport of hunting. Money money money! I've discussed this with others and the same comparison was made about fishing a trout hatchery or a river that had just been stocked with hungry ass fish willing to bite on anything. Lots of sport and experience involved there! I didn't check out Steve & Bob yet. I went through a lot of the site and read a lot of rants, checked out the lovely ladies section of course.....mmmmm :), and hit the Tips Section. Will stop back and check out more later but right now the river about 2 miles from here is calling. Once I wade through the hordes of brush beating, river running amateurs, I'll be in some pristine steelhead territory that should provide some good action. Hey, I'll get you set up as the featured Site again and see if I cant send a little traffic over for ya. Keep in touch and I'll let you know what I think of Steve & Bob

Your question beats me . Maybe we Canadian men are more accepting of an opinionated woman who can catch fish !
Read some of your rants page - and man some of these guys are downright vicious. Heck you've got brains, looks , personality and can handle a fishing rod. What do these guys want ? Don't take the barbs seriously - its only envy .
I'll admit I only look at the fishing mags for the pictures. Who reads that mamby pamby drivel.
Keep at the canoeing . We need more women like you in the wilderness.
Keep knocking it out on the web page too . Liked the hemp page link. You must be close enough to BC to enjoy their crops !!!
I'll try to attach a pic of me in Algonquin Park ( my main fisihng hangout ) .
Hopefully this will convince you that I'm not an internet wacko - you must get plenty of those .Hah .
the lake in this picture is not only picturesque. But supplies great mid summer fishing for speckled trout. Don't be fooled the water is cold - lots of spring feeders - even though max depth is only 30 ft . Fish can be had on light spinning gear . Not a bad trip in either. About 2 hours for me solo - 1 mile of portaging. My biggest here about 2.5 lbs (in pic )
PS keep kicking butt in Iraq !!

Great web site. Like the fish and kick butt attitude. Writing from eaetern Canada and you're right on when you say most fishing web sites are full of dweebes.
I'm generally fishing for speckled trout up here in my neck of the woods. Do it the old fashioned way too - by pack , paddle and canoe.
Keep up the good work !

        After being referred to your site a few months ago, I think its time that I drop a line and say thanks. Thanks for the entertainment, pics, tips, and most of all - inspiration. I started fly fishing this past winter, and I'll never touch my old spin cast reels again. Here in northern Illinois, everyone thinks of panfish and bass. Already this spring, some of the locals on my lake are amazed how much easier it is to pop out crappie or cast in the holes for bass. I've helped start a trend that tripled the number of float tubers kicking down my shoreline.
        In early April, I tied into my first steelhead. It wasnt huge, but it was my greatest 30 minutes in fishing - trying to land it. We were in Bristol, OH - just outside Cleveland. I never thought I would spend a whole weeks vacation waist deep in a pair of waders. Anyway, thanks for such a great site. It gets me through a long office day, and gets my mind on the weekend - where it should be. I attached a few pics in case you have time to check out some trout. Have a good one!
                                                        Matt Schmitt

I like it..........and YOU are funny,  ( ok pretty too)  ya crack me up usually everytime I read your site...........ever charter any river Walleye trips???   It's my fish of choice, but Steelies and Salmon aint bad either now !!

Not sure how close to the Columbia you are ( for BIG Walleyes)..................

Hey keep up the great site, and watch out for Steve and Bob K?


Those "good ol' boys" are just intimidated by a strong, intelligent,
andattractive woman who can do anything they can.  Don't let it get you
down.  I've run into those types in all walks of life.  They're not worth amillisecond of your time.

You have some valid and justified rants on your site.  You should
Continue to express your opinions, especially on the political front.  It's possible that it'll do some good (though I've fought a few political battles of my own and am amazed at the incompetence of our government in it's current thinks we should wipe the slate clean and start over ;)).

Keep hardcopies of anything you come across on the bulletin boards
where you are mentioned.  You may gather enough stuff for a libel suit in the future.

I don't no about rolling your site into a large site....figure out what
You want to accomplish with your site and if a larger site can help you get there any sooner.  There will be trade-offs if you do it, but it might beworth it.


You have to just love it when I get pictures like this.

People send me pictures of their beloved animals because they know that I will appreciate them.

And boy do I!

This was sent from a gentleman in Texas that loves his Llelewins.
   I love your website! I am a fly fishing guide in the East Kootenays
(Fernie, B.C.) My website is
   The girl kissing the trout on my website is my youngest daughter. If
you and a friend ever want to fish for cutthroats or bull trout please
drop me a line. I am not a steelhead fisherman (yet!).
   Yours Truly
   John Todd

Your website is awesome and refreshing! Well done!
It is so great to hear about fellow female fisherwomen. I definitely DO NOT consider myself in your league, but only a mere part of my species.
I myself take annual trips to Alaska to fish the rivers up there, and in the mean time when I cannot actually make it up there, stay home in Marysville and fish the local rivers down around here.

We are blessed to live in this awesome state with some
seriously wonderful salmon fishing! Keep up the awesome work!!! :)

Erika Brown

Dear Fishing Goddess,

I am a regular in the Usenet newsgroup,
and many of us, having seen your website, are quite taken with
you -- partly because of your looks, but mostly because of your
attitude and fishing obsession.  Thus, I have taken it upon myself
to write to you and issue two invitations:

1) If you have some free time to kill online, please drop in and
visit us on ROFF.  I think you will fit right in.

2)  Come to Yellowstone this August -- we are having the 2nd
annual ROFF Western Conclave Aug. 11-18 (right after the FFF
national conclave in Livingston.)  There is more information at:
There are pictures from past claves at:
There will be a lot of fishing with some great folks, some with an
obsession that matches your own (including at least one guy who
could outfish a blue heron) and possibly excessive drinking around
the campfire.  Most of us are happily married, so you shouldn't
have to worry about us hitting on you, at least not seriously.
Especially not me, as my wife and daughters will be accompanying
me.  The only one to worry about will be our Clavemeister, Warren,
a fly fishing, elk hunting, ex-marine young stud who is recently
divorced, and is  _very_ impressed with you ;-).

Anyway, think about it.  A good time is absolutely guaranteed.


Hello there, Angie
      I am just writing to tell you "Nice Job on your site". I live in Michigan and stumbled across your site when I was checking reports on a local page. Someone posted the link and said to check it out. Good to see some women interested in the sport of flyfishing. We need more of you out there.

     Currently I fish just about every day.Well, at least I try. I have a real job that gets in the way sometimes. I fish for just about anything from Bluegill on a fly to Salmon and tarpon. I uses to work for Orvis ( I would give Orvis boy a run, hehe) up here for a few yrs teaching casting and tying, as well as selling in the shop. It's been a few yrs and I always get offers to do it again, but it just doesn't pay like the "real job" I have now. I don't know if your familiar with Michigan, but I also do alot (I mean a shitload) of salmon Trolling. I keep my boat at the tip-o-thumb in Pt. Austin.

Or salmon runs here usually start in late August and peak in mid September. Some experienced anglers that know the state can find Chrome tuna's as early as June 25 in a few rivers.  Fall Steelhead start in September with the kings and stays good thru the winter into Late April. Some rivers will hold fish til late may, then Summer runs show up in June and are around til February.

     The avg. size of the steelies run 6 to 13 lbs, with fish up to 23 or so not too uncommon. Kings will avg 15 to 28 in the fall and will top 40 without a problem. I have heard from some people that the steelhead fishing  out there is really tough, with fish few and far between. During and avg trip, a group of 3 good guys should land 10 fish or so here in a few hrs, hooking twice as many. Salmon is alittle different. During a good weekend in late August 80+ between a group is easy with hooking more than triple that! These August kings are not whips, silver and fresh from the lake. They are not for the beginner or people with a heart condition.

     There used to be a group of us of around 12 or so that fished every weekend, and I mean EVERY one. In the last few yrs, this number has declined to girlfriends and marriage, and with that comes the "Honey-do-list". Seem like the girls around here aren't into any outdoors, and aren't to fond of their "man" going every weekend. This has cause most of my buddies to be the "once during the peak" fisherman and it's kinda a bummer. In reality, there are 3 of us left  of the group that still go every weekend. Kinda sad. We started doing this stuff when I was 17 and now I'm 25. We need more women out here like you to save what we have left (hehe).

     Yet again, great site. Keep up the good work. I'm adding it to my links and if you ever wanna hook into some serious Great lakes Tuna's, Let me know. It's a great time.

Good Fishing,

Bill Dunk

I must say you have caused a stir in the great trout and salmon state of Michigan, the guys on michigan sportsman .com have been checking out your site and have rave reviews so I had to check it out myself. Totally impressing. I am a charter boat captain here in Michigan and spend as much time as possible on the water. I fish the rivers when I get time in the fall and winter, but it.s hard to pull myself away from hunting.
Keep up the good work.
Capt. David J. Ellis
The guys in Wyoming invited me down for some fishing because they agree with me that primadonna fly fishers suck and are ruining our  beloved sport. 

Again we're sick of the bullshit and the people who cause it all!
Robert Hall  wrote:
You can tell how old a fisherman is..just by
putting the first picture from the 'Goddess of Conceit' page
on the computer screen. 

If he's 13-30 years old, he'll say, "Who's the
babe kissing the fish?  She's kinda hot!  I wish I was
the fish!"

30-40..."I dunno who I'm more jealous of...the babe
orthe fish!"

40 plus...."What babe?  Wonder what that fish

Okay, I'm over 40, but barely.  I've been prematurely
aged by trying to exercise my passion for creek San Diego County.  Tough job...'cause
it's a freakin' desert!!  Anyhow, I just stumbled
across your site..and you rock! 

Love your Mermaid of the Cowlitz, had a good time on your site.


Hi Angie, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you I love your
site! What a great attitude towards our friends the "fish" and the the whole adventure of it.

Any time you are in Utah feel free to give me a call and we will hit
some nice trout holes.
Chris Barkey

Presentation Hell? Might I ask what you do to make money to go fishing?

BTW...I am reading about you and your friend Danyle getting


I just explored parts of your site and enjoyed what I have seen and read.

It is refreshing to see a site where someone speaks their mind as you do. 

You go girl.

Not to take aything away from your incredible ability to fish, but, wow, you are one good looking lady.

(Not some 50 year old freak


Wondering if you had any plans to travel to other fishing hotspots in the U.S. or other countries.

I enjoy the attitude and share your healthy contempt for "fly fashionmen and women."


Love your web site Angie. Truly inspirational.

What a great life you live. 
I might pack up and come over and join you.



My God, I think I'm in love! By alternately flipping between pictures
Of you, Danyle and the fish, all of my fun parts are tingling. Will visit often.

The only thing a fly rod is good for is catching Pike!


Just checked out your web site again and it's better
than ever. It's refreshing to see that political incorrectness is alive and kicking in a few places.

Just to let you know I'm doing my part to turn gals
onto fly fishing. This summer was Parks and Rec's
3rd Women's Flyfishing school and it was a wicked
group. Once they get a bit of confidence it is so
cool to watch each person take off. One gal learned
to double-haul during the fly casting sessions. The
look on her face made all the hard work worthwhile.
Anyways Angie, Rock on! Keep railing about the
inadequate,the incompetent and all the syrupy sweet
suckholes of life. You got my vote!
Clint (don't forget the n) Andersen

After seeing you trashed on, I just HAD to come
Look at your site. I like it!!I have no idea as to your history over on, but you sure seem to have gotten some hackles up over there.

Maybe just a matter of a lack of sense ofhumor, or imbalance of testosterone. Anyway, I think your stuff is pretty
witty, and I'll come back and visit. Do you have a discussion forum on
thesite? I didn't see one. Maybe my eyesite is getting shot due to staring atthe sun on the water all day.

Keep up the good work.


Dear Angie,

Thanks for the awesome website.

I  do  hope  you & some of  your friends  will put your hunting 
pix  on  the  site-I  bet  they  put  those  macho redneck guys` 
efforts  to  shame(one good  reason to post them up!).

Maybe  the`re  already  there &  the  site  is  so vast  I missed 
them.If so,please  mail me with the page title.

      All  the  best to you and  the girls,meanwhile.

Best  wishes& Regards,


I have to give my Kudos for that silver fish you are holding from the
Morrum.  See, I did not take your hints too well until your last email,
so I then did read Angies Adventures.

I have to agree wholeheartedly about your comments about the fight of
the atlantic, especially the bigger fish.

It's too bad the europeans are not more versed in our western game
fish.  The steelhead is every bit the sport fish, and probably better
due to its range and run timings.  I too noticed that when the euros
think of salmon, they want to go and chase our pacific varieties
thinking that they are somehow analogous to their beloved salmon.  It's
too bad they, some but not all, don't realize that the steely is the
analogous fish.

Now as you have experienced, the BIGGEST SNOBS ON THE PLANET  are the
atlantic salmon fishermen with $$$, its too bad (Or is this really
good?) that the majority of them absolutely SUCK at fishing.  This is
the paupers revenge and I will laugh to my grave with it as any fool
with moderate game can spin the wheels off of these good ol' boys.


Aaron's a happy guy with this pretty colored buck.  This got lost some where in my "Real Men Page Pictures"
I enjoyed perusing your site. I am a NoCA native grown in the midwest.
Try the trout at Buck's (Quincy, CA) at ice out if  you would per
chance venture to Tahoe. They don't take them the same as the way I grew up on in the 60's. O.K., I'm 40, some of that sucks, and allot is really cool.

Some day I'll be back for more than awhile. 'Till then, my heart is
there and your site reminded me...Kick ass, catch and release, and
cherish the rainbow.

I'm laughin' my ass off. Yer brutal!!
Great site. :-)

I posted your URL on a message board for the other
guys in my bass club to check out. I'm sure a few tight asses be offended!


I also forwarded your URL to my ex-girlfriend. She fishes too and is quite the "goddess" herself. She'll enjoy it.

keep up the great work,

Chris Youlden
Santa Rosa, CA

hell you are more than the bomb you are the whole b52 full of bombs.i am one of those crazy california bastards in the 65 mile an hour bass boats.i used to do the eel  and the klamath with my buddies but we cant seem to get away as we used to.but reading the stuff on your web site reminds me of why i fish so much.can you say PMS !

oh ya the stuff you write has me cryin i am laughin so know its kinda funny when you take people that dont fish they are all quiet and dont wanna scare the fish and i will be yellin at friends in other boats and just have fun and theylook at you funny and say arent you gonna scare the fish .i just ask them if they used to fish with theyre father and grandpa and they give me that look like how did you know. i just laugh and tell them they just didnt wanna hear your whinny ass shit for the next 6 they told you to be quiet.well i can tell you have it figured out and it makes for great reading.thanks for making my day.      if i ever get north i think i need to look you up for a trip  if i get bit thats ok but if i laugh all day i know it was a good day!!!  

thanks for the laughs   david hill

Ole Queen of spey,
  I've been reading allot on your site,and I love it,you have allot of enthusiasm and willingness to keep up a great site,screw those guys who think your a bitch,your one fine looking and smart whitted woman to me,and I appreciate it fully.Keep up the good work and I could use some advice on how to better read the waters any ideas.Thanx Kingsalmon69

Joe Partlow

Dear Ms. Angie,

What a joy to find your web site.  I thoroughly enjoy it.  I used to
live in Forks in the mid 80's and miss the fishing, especially Hoh's Rock Garden and Barlow's Bar at Oil City or out Callawah Way or the Duckabush or the Dungeness or Mosquito Creek when all the rest of the rivers are out.

Can a fellow still bank fish, drift that is, and catch fish out there?

As an Episcopal priest, I must insist that guilt is not a true response
to the Good News.  Good News is that we get to start again, and again, and again.  Thanks.

Please continue to let us know how the fishing is on the Penisula.

Quivering in anticipatory desire for your next installmant.



Angie - 
While reviewing the article I wrote for San Diego
Hook & Line (Page 20), I came across your story (Page 10).

Checked out your website and have mentioned it to
many friends as the edgiest fishing website I've
seen.  It takes some guts to honestly express your
opinions and often some fortitude to deal with the
consequences of honesty.

  In the third paragraph of your story (as it appeared
in San Diego Hook & Line), you describe steelhead as> an anadromous species of salmon.

Unless that was an editing mistake of the
publication (as was made in my story when they
incorrectly changed Langara Island to Langour Island
- seven times), it is my guess you intended to say
anadromous version of the rainbow trout.

Jim Brown

Angie; Love your web sight and I check in  when I have the time. Keep
up the good work. I don't fish that much but my goal is to someday come and fish with you. Although I too will soon be unemployed. One more week to go and I'm free!!
Happy Holidays!  Tom
My my my... Mister Brian of Idaho sure did catch a bright one.  Now look where he's fishing at.  Isn't it beautiful?
I think your site is great but lately I have
Been having trouble downloading a lot of the

Have you blocked access? please let me know what
Is up.  I also installed winXP and I wonder if that
May be the problem?

sitting down here in texas ,wishing i was on whatever planet your from.
if i ever make it up that way could ya would ya please please take me
fishing!?i'll bring the necessary hemp products.
love your site .


Hey Angie,

happened on your site looking for something else. Just what we need, a good lookin' babe in waders who catches more fish than us! <G>

You must really love fishing... Anyway, just thought I'd drop you a note and to let you know about my sites. (still trying to get one on the fly. Did get 4 IFGA tippet records this year -- for Pacific Cod) &

Say the word and I'll post your link on my pages too.

Do you actually guide? What's your favorite fish? No, I'm not hitting on 'ya. <G> Bet you get alot of that though. If you can't get a date it's because you're fishing to much and the guys get jealous of you catchin' all the fish.

Merry Christmas & Best Fishes to you.
John L. Beath

Hi angie,like I said on the forum,Cool girl,I was out with Ian 2 days
ago,no fish but good bs,you guys have met??I have acess to a 16ft 
Lifetimer alum drift boat and know the riv.I'm applying for my guides license as we talk.
You looking for fish ,lets do a drift, no ties, no $,no
Bullshit!!!!!I like Real People,The offer is open,E me.

than-x for answering me appreciate it....quick story for you...i was looking at the pic of you niece an daughter."the natural born killers" lol an it brought a smile to my face, as i remembered taking my daughter out rabbit hunting when she was three. I had shot a rabbit an she begged to hold it..I said sure i continued walking an heard behind me aww pretty rabbit ..i look back an she is petting the rabbit holding it in her arms with blood dripping from its i was so proud..some people may think this is crazy but i figure if she can get the true spirit of the woods the quality of her life will be much to make me even happier she absolutely enjoyed the dinner...

Angie from Michigan

First of all I want to thank you for dedicating your web site to people like me.
  Speaking of the boat thing. You like my boats like your men? I have the boat just for you, it may be a little big for you though. But she can be treated like shit beaten and abused and is always ready to go. She likes it rough and can handle it, she is always ready to go rough and fast or calm and fast, but never slow.

Maybe it's time you did some real fishing any time you want I can show you what a real fish is from shark to tuna. Then you will be proud to say that you are a true fishing bitch!!


Angie, I really enjoy reading all the great stuff on your site. Keep up the good work and keep pissing off the jerks who try to badmouth your site. PS theres no head like steelhead.

All Hail Angie, Queen of Spey.  I loved your bit on Collin....just
about every word is  _so_ true.  You many want to consider changing his fake name to:
Collin Ruperick Radio Shack the 3rd ...or some such.... a play on his
last name Shaderech   (*shad*-rack)   Or will the electronic chain be

Cheers from Smithers, BC,
Now that's a spey cast.  Sure wish I can watch that kind of action when I see fly fishermen on my home river.  I get bored with the guys casting 10 feet.
Hi Angie, How are ya.  Just emailing you to tell you I
love the website, it's informative and gets on the so
many jerk offs that pollute our rivers.  I also like
to see that you are a hemp (pot) supporter, the two
things that I enjoy most in life (if you count out
fucking) are sparking the indica and pinning for
steel.  If you are ever in Michigan and are looking to
get into steel and put a good buzz on shoot an email
over and we can arrange that.
Greg Knapp aka steeliefreak aka phatgreenbags

PS. I'd be in heaven if the river banks were lined with sweet woman like you.

Found your site today for the first time....really upset that I am just now discovering it.  Never got into the BB thing...mostly boring, dorks, but your site is a must frequent.  My favorites so far...
the MI teenage stalker, Catherine Hooper Ripfest,
"Hey, can I buy one like she has at the Love Pantry?  I didn't know they came in silver", and the never-ending Richie Rich saga.
Keep it up, I found a new home page.  Your humor is much appreciated in a world of fishing posers.  I fish 50+ days a year (not bad for a working man) and now I have something to entertain myself the other 315 days.  Cheers!
Bert Turner
(and just to prove I do fish and avoid getting ripped on....attached are 2 pics from the last year, both were immediately released after the picture)

Yo Angie,
the lads back in michigan are going to afraid to come out and play if
you don't let up on them. by the way the fickle finger of fate has caught up with me! and alas boeing is putting me out to pasture. fear not after fishing the stilly all summer i will have to get a education,
I's going to be a diesel mechanic and go to work in darrington.

I hope to get in on that there inbreeding program up there by adopting
some kin. It will be like going to hillbilly heaven! I regret to inform
you that instead of buying a computer so as to keep up with your rants
I went out and bought a another hardy reel , so if you want to get a
hold of me leave a message on the seapost bridge as I will be sleeping there

                   p.s. it would be right neighborly of you to leave 
some beer while your there as well !
                          best regards the hobo speycaster

hi there,  my name is....skip all that bs.  I went a few rounds with
those assholes on the MI sportsman page and i loved your page dedicated to those losers.  Hit the nail on the head my dear, nice job!

God damn that ray (aka "shit splot") gets on my last nerve!  Dont even
get me started on "sneakerboy"(the one surrounded by all the "hotties" of MI sportsman) LMAO!......

Noticed your "hemp page" as well.....Jello has always been one of my
favorite dudes to "tell it like it IS"...  Got booted from 9th
grade(for a day) for wearing a "nazi punks fuck off" t-shirt!  So how cool was it to see an article reguarding him?!?!?!?!

just got home from work (roofing) and it is time to relax and twist one

Again, loved your page and im just scratching the surface of your
site....looks way cool.

-PA Catch & Release man-

*oh yea, i got a cabin (2 actually) 1 mile from the salmon river in NY
(lake ontario trib) and believe me when i say:  there ARE 20+ steelies
milling about as we if i could only land

Fishhoe, the most wannabe steelhead guy in Michingan.

Firts visit to your web site, a work of art,
congrats. Today was the last time i vist that pussy
ass steelhead forum i had been posting on, to many
tight asses bitching about my grammer. Any way my real
question is how the hell do you find them, "not
concerned with how there makup looks or if they will
break a fingernail chicks" thought i found one this
time but she is just another sissy. maybe its because
i live in ohio,where the average responce to "want to
go steelheading" is followed by a swat to the face and
being told to get my mind out of the gutter and my
perverted ass out of her bed, or maybe its the fact
that at 20 i havnt seen it all yet, but i know they
arnt exactly crowding the streams im fishing, even
though id happily trade them for some of the gear guys
i run into. anyway no more bitching, just love the
site, keep it up!!!!! if im ever fishing the west
coast i know who ill be booking a trip with. tight lines.....aaron

Dearest fishing goddess,
You have the best fishing site on the whole wide web!!! Yes even better than our own pathatic fishin site . I havn't read all your site but will work on it. I was sad to find out that you are married, but all is not lost we can still go see your web site. I am also sorry to hear about your poor sister with her fishing ailment, fishing challeged. She is a looker.
I would like to invite you and your husband and the young ones for a fishing trip in Wyoming. I know we dont have the great steelhead you have, but still we have some quality fish. I know a section of our river I would like to take you on before it becomes discovered. This usually happens the last week of August or the first week of Sept.
Tight Lines
Greg Mueller
ps keep up the good work
you should write a book

Hey, wasn't I suppose to take this guy on a trip in trade?  Gotta love a man that wears a red shirt makes them Washington Sockeye look that much better.
I do not know how, but I found your webpage.  You seem like you have a
lot of fun and have a zest for life.  That is great.  If I ever get to
your area (I assume Vancouver area), I will definitely give you a
jingle to retain your services.

The best of luck to you,

Firts visit to your web site, a work of art,
congrats. Today was the last time i vist that pussy
ass steelhead forum i had been posting on, to many
tight asses bitching about my grammer. Any way my real
question is how the hell do you find them, "not
concerned with how there makup looks or if they will
break a fingernail chicks" thought i found one this
time but she is just another sissy. maybe its because
i live in ohio,where the average responce to "want to
go steelheading" is followed by a swat to the face and
being told to get my mind out of the gutter and my
perverted ass out of her bed, or maybe its the fact
that at 20 i havnt seen it all yet, but i know they
arnt exactly crowding the streams im fishing, even
though id happily trade them for some of the gear guys
i run into. anyway no more bitching, just love the
site, keep it up!!!!! if im ever fishing the west
coast i know who ill be booking a trip with. tight lines.....aaron

Was just surfin round and ran into your web

Just thought I'd let ya know there's at least one
trout guy out here who likes your page.  I'm sure I'm
a "fly geek", but so is anyone else in ohio who uses a
fly rod.  We are severely outnumbered.  I still enjoy
gear fishing, but my redneck bass fishin' days have

Sure wish we had some steelies like you've got out
west.  I fished all day monday, biggest fish I caught
was a 28" steely, and it was the biggest fish I saw
landed all day.  I'm also severely envious of the
number of fishin' gals you've found.  Please send some
east, or you could make a trip here yourself.:)

Well..don't mean to take up too much of your time, I'm
sure you get enough e-mail from pervs like me anyway.

Here's a pic of me with a steely I caught the other
day.  I doubt it's nearly enough to make the "real
man" page, but I caught it on a #20 prince nymph on 5x
tippet on a 5wt rod.  Not too shabby for an 8 or 9lb
fish. (check out the goofy look on me, and how clumbsy
I'm holding her.  That fish wasn't cooperating)

Anyway, Great Page...keep it up.  And thanks for
supporting the troops...I think I'm the only marine
left in the country.


kudos... keep telling it like you see it. refreshing to see a site with no
punches pulled, no bullshit. if you're ever out here in redneckville, look
me up. when i'm out there again visiting friends, i will look you up if
possible. keep up the good work and don't let anybody in the industry that
thinks they're the shit piss you off. a lot of ego maniacs that like that,
as i'm sure you know..?

got to ask though, what in the world got you so riled up to write the itsy
bitsy rant? understand if it's too long a story to write... just had to
ask after reading it...

again, kudos for speaking your mind.

I must admit that I have become an Angie follower.  I frequent the net rarely, but when I do, I visit your page.  I want to compliment you on the structure of your rants.  They are down to earth.  I am talking about reality.  It's good to hear other peoples opinion.  They enlighten my own.  I don't have to agree with them.  We are all entitled to our own. 
I am waiting for the day I cross paths with you on the river.  It appears that we frequent the same waters.  I thought it might be on the Sauk last year during C&R or last summer on the Sky.  Maybe it will be this year on the big river (Skag) before C&R.  I heard through the grape vine that you fish the Birdsview/Lyman area early as well.  Hush, Hush, thats an untapped resource that we don't want nimrods like the ones from booby balls page to find out about.
If I am driving by I will hail to the fishingoddess.  Then my wife might throw my ass overboard (she may love to fish more than you).  Maybe I could pay you to teach her how to row.  I don't have the patience.  Typical male I suppose.  It would be nice to pass the sticks off once in a while.  Its been a while since I have sat in the front of a drift boat and enjoyed the slam of a plug.  She picked up running the sled pretty quick but thats a different can of worms.
I must comment on how you rip on those dumb asses from pissy pursuits.  I love it.  Those fishing boards are for people that don't know how to fish and want people to think they do.  Or maybe that is the extent of their social life (may god bless their sorry ass soul). 
Well I must return to my Physics.  There's nothing like being a post-bac when there are fish to be caught.  Yes even in the low water.
Oh, by the way, is it true?  If you dream about big fish you catch big fish.
P.S. since your the fishingoddess, maybe you could talk to the rain god and ask him for some
G'day Angie,
Just cruised thru your webpage. Very good stuff
..liked it a lot...
Angie I am an Aussie Charter boat Capt and mad keen
Actually i meet my wife while I was fishing some
yanks for Marlin and
Sails on Fly, got Jodie a World record Sailfish.
Anyways my wife and her
family started Fly Fishing In Saltwaters Magazine
here in Seattle. Now
that should explain why Iam still living here!
Not sure where you live but REI here in Seattle has
asked me to do a
slide/Vidoe presentation on Feb the 7th.
(first time so it may be a good laugh) It may be of
some interest to you
to see what can be caught Downunder on fly gear.
Check out     and
you might be
interested in coming on a trip sometime also..We are
doing some filming
for ESPN in July and we have a great trip lined up
in October
Whatever, just wanted to say hi and let you know
women are some of the
best anglers I ,ve met , including my wife. More
power to sites like

hey,  this is the dude from orting again.  you've got me intrigued on the fly fishin' gig.  the rod and reel i have is pretty outdated.  a no-name 7wt graphite with a flueger reel.  it seems to cast okay, considering the line has never touched water.  will this abortion do it for me?  all my gear stuff is lamiglas and abu, but i never was actually thinkin' about actually getting a fly wet, until i stumbled on to yer site.  so see, there, you do have a positive influence on some viewers!!!  that's a fuck of a lot more than any other web page i've looked at can boast.  you make it sound like a good time, the way it is supposed to be, not like some "hurry up and land the fish i got another client waiting" dead-end job.  i would tell ya that i hope it don't sound like i'm tryin' to suck up to ya, cause all you will do is tell me to go piss up a rope.  wouldn't ya.  with all the stuff you rant on about, you must get thousands of e-mails from retards that haven't got a clue.  for what it's worth, when i'm ready to hire a guide, you'll be gettin' a call.  again, thanks for havin' the skewed outlook on fishing and life in general.  you make lookin' at northwest fishing stuff on the internet actually fun


I just thought I'd write to you to let you know how Freakin hilarious your site is. I work here at Three River's Marine and I share an office with little Bryan. Love that guy!! We used to go to school together @ Meadowdale in Lynnwood, and Yes I do have big hair and no it's not Blonde with black roots either I'm Brunette, and no I do not drive a Camaro w/ T-tops. Well..... I do drive a Chevy Z71, I don't know if that's worse!!!  I absolutely love to fish but unfortunately if I'm on your boat you won't catch a **ckin thing. I've been banned from the boys boat. The nerve, but i understand, they have to play I'm Mr. Fish Master and look how many fish I caught today. "Yeah.....that's right guys, WOW......look at all those fish.....I've never known anyone to catch that many fish in one day!!! You guys really know what your doing!!!! Hey by the way, Do you guys guide? I bet you guys would be really good at it?" I say that with a HUGE shit eating grin on my face and they hate it. They always tell me to shut up and get back to work. They love me though!!! What in the hell would they do with out a smart ass female to point out their faults and keep them on their toes, Right? RIGHT!!! 

Well I just wanted to tell you that I love your site and the fact that you have bigger balls than most men do and love your "say it like it is" attitude.

Merry Christmas!!


P.S. Your new puppy and girls are adorable!!!

   your fishing site is awesome,  Im only 21 but id marry you if i could!  I have a tremendous repect for chicks that actually have things they enjoy like fishing, instead of going shopping all the time and gossiping with friends.  You are one of a kind and some guy is lucky to have you.  I wish my girlfriend would come fishing and spearfishing with me.  Im from San Diego and i usually fish Tuna, dorado, and Yellowtail in baja but ive spent alot of time at sooke and Port Hardy on Vancouver island fishing kings, Coho, And Sockeye. You can come fishing in Baja with me anyday (as soon as i get my own boat)  but you have to bring your sister along.  She can sunbathe on the bow.  Keep up the good work!

Ethan Schaffer

Great Web site!

Fish Pheasants and Fun; Served with a touch of attitude!

tight lines and a true shooter,

I do not know how, but I found your webpage.  You seem like you have a
lot of fun and have a zest for life.  That is great.  If I ever get to
your area (I assume Vancouver area), I will definitely give you a
jingle to retain your services.

The best of luck to you,

Allan Treffry
"SHUT UP AND FISH!" By Tom Nelson